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Try These 3 Room Organization Tricks to Streamline Your Home Office

July 8, 2016

Try These 3 Room Organization Tricks to Streamline Your Home Office

Your home office should be a sacred space for productivity, creativity, and getting things done. If the reality is closer to a war zone, it’s time to think about some smart room organization to get your office back on track. Get Organized, Rochester’s trusted professional organizer, shares some pro tips to help you wrangle your workspace to support your work style.

Here are three room organization tips to help you transform your home office:

  • Spring Clean Your Space: Any effective room organization should begin with a thorough cleanup. Before you do anything else, set aside some time to go through your office and toss everything you don’t need. Start with out-of-date documents, pens with no ink, and stacks of paper that could easily be scanned and stored on your computer rather than on your desk. 
  • Prioritize What’s Left: After you’ve done a purge of the space, decide which items you use most frequently. Anything you reach for daily or weekly deserves prime real estate in your office; the rest can get neatly filed away on a high shelf or in a filing system.
  • Make The Most Of Your Space: Not everyone has the luxury of a large home office. If all you have is a small room or a corner nook, make the most of it with space-maximizing tricks. Look for multi-purpose furniture like a chest that doubles as a file cabinet, and use the walls for hanging storage and shelving.

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If organizing your home becomes overwhelming, turn to the experts. With over 30 years of experience, Get Organized will help you eliminate clutter and reduce the stress caused by messy spaces. Serving Rochester, NY, and all surrounding counties, they also carry unique storage solutions to make staying tidy easy. Call (585) 223-3646 to schedule an appointment 

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