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Clean up Your Kid’s Room This Summer With New York’s Best Closet Organizer

August 21, 2015

Clean up Your Kid’s Room This Summer With New York’s Best Closet Organizer

Clean up Your Kid’s Room This Summer With New York’s Best Closet Organizer

When kids are independent enough to have their own room, it often means more space for bigger messes. Located in Rochester, NY, the experts at Get Organizedoffer the following tips that will have your child’s room looking neat in no time.

With your kids constantly growing, they will both literally and figuratively grow out of their toys and clothing. Take some time this summer to clear out some of those items that you don’t see your child playing with or wearing in the future. This is also the perfect time to store things that are out of season.

“Categorize and Closet organize” is a good motto to adopt, especially when taking on your little one’s living space. Separating crayons and action figures or dolls into their own containers is a simple way to reinvent their room while keeping it familiar to them at the same time. The most important part of the process is to make sure their items are accessible. For example, don’t put things up too high; your kid will make a large mess trying to get to it. Also, be practical; if your child likes to read in bed, find a way to mount the books near the bedside. The folks at Get Organized will help you design a custom closet system that will suit the needs of your kid perfectly.

While it may seem like a hassle, including your kid in the room organization process is key. After all, it would be frustrating to spend hours tidying up their room only to find them jumbling up the room to their liking. 

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If organizing your home becomes overwhelming, turn to the experts. With over 30 years of experience, Get Organized will help you eliminate clutter and reduce the stress caused by messy spaces. Serving Rochester, NY, and all surrounding counties, they also carry unique storage solutions to make staying tidy easy. Call (585) 223-3646 to schedule an appointment 

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