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Top 3 Storage Solutions to Organize a Small Bathroom

Clutter tends to make any task more difficult, and it’s easy to create it when you don’t have enough space for storing belongings. If you have a small bathroom, you may find yourself constantly searching for items you can’t find. To help make your life easier, below are some storage ideas that will help you use the space you have more effectively.

3 Storage Solutions for Maximizing Bathroom Space 

1. Use a Lazy Susan 

A lazy Susan isn’t just for the dining room. Get the most out of your bathroom vanity by installing one of these rotating trays in the under-sink cabinet. Using this to store medications, soap, shampoos, and other products makes it easy to find items that might otherwise get misplaced.

2. Store Towels in Sets

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An effective way to store linens is to organize them into sets of the same color or pattern. Fold hand towels and washcloths and store them inside folded bath towels that are similar. Then stack each on the shelf as a bundle. This makes selecting a new set a breeze, and you never waste time trying to find matching towels.

3. Remove Unnecessary Belongings

Too many bathrooms are overflowing with items that homeowners don’t need but keep around in case they might someday prove useful. How many of your old towels or medications haven’t seen use in months or years? To ensure you aren’t wasting precious space, purge everything that’s damaged, expired, or that you haven’t used in over a year.

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