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Increase Your Garage Storage And Usability

Garage floor installation

June 17, 2015

Increase Your Garage Storage And Usability

Increase Your Garage Storage And Usability

Moving into a new home is exciting—so much space, so many blank walls. It’s a blank canvas you can use to create your masterpiece of a dream home. What happens next? All of that space seems to disappear, and you’re left with a cluttered mess and nowhere to put all of that stuff! That’s where Get Organized can help!

Garage Storage

Don Seipel and his team will help you reorganize and reinvent your home, starting from the ground up. Don’t let the clutter get overwhelming. This summer is the perfect time to clear out your garage and expand your storage space with the help of this team of experts. You’ll be glad you did.

Whether your garage is full of camping equipment, bike gear, children’s toys, or a mix of all types of things, there’s no job too big or small for Get Organized. There are many ways to organize a garage, utilizing everything from adjustable hangers to freestanding containers, with hanging attachments. While you might be able to purchase some of these things at your local home improvement store, such a purchase won’t come with an expert to oversee and facilitate the process.

Garage Storage

Noticestry, LLC

If organizing your home becomes overwhelming, turn to the experts. With over 30 years of experience, Get Organized will help you eliminate clutter and reduce the stress caused by messy spaces. Serving Rochester, NY, and all surrounding counties, they also carry unique storage solutions to make staying tidy easy. Call (585) 223-3646 to schedule an appointment 

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