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Do’s & Don’ts of Tidying Up a Closet

November 8, 2019

Do’s & Don’ts of Tidying Up a Closet

If your closet is a mess and it’s hard to find what you need, it’s time to clean it out. Sorting your belongings and adding closet organizers will save you time and help free up space. Here are some tips to make the process easy and effective.


Take all items out first.

It’s not efficient to only shift your items and work around them. Take all belongings out and lay them on your bed or the floor. This will help you take stock of everything you had tucked away so you can decide what to keep. It also gives you a chance to dust, vacuum, and check for damage.

Use shelving units and closet organizers.

Closet Organizers

The more shelving and racks you have, the less likely you are to end up with a jumbled pile of clothes.

Vertical storage options like shelves also make items easier to find when you’re in a hurry. Measure your closet and choose a system that will fit the space and the objects you need to store, including shoes, dresses, and accessories.


Keep all of your belongings.

This is the perfect time to declutter. As you sort all pieces into your new closet organizers, have separate boxes for items to donate and throw away.

As a rule of thumb, any piece you haven’t worn in a year should go. Clothes that are damaged may need to be tossed, while ones that you don’t like or don’t fit anymore can be donated.

Treat it as a one-time job.

After you’ve finished tidying your closet, you’ll have to take steps daily to keep it that way. After doing laundry, place all items in their designated areas. Don’t leave clothing on the floor and vacuum periodically to keep the closet fresh. Work sorting and decluttering into your schedule at least once a year.

closet Organizing Your Attic

Noticestry, LLC

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