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4 Effective Ways to Enhance Garage Storage

The garage is one of the most versatile parts of the home. It provides a safe place to park vehicles, as well as extra space to stow away belongings. With the right modifications, it can even be a workshop or studio. To make the most of your garage storage potential, proper organization is crucial. Get Organized in Rochester, NY, has nearly 30 years of experience in home storage solutions. Below they offer a few ways to maximize the functionality of your space. 

How to Improve Your Garage Storage 

1. Declutter 

Decluttering is the first step to room organization. Getting rid of items you don’t need makes it easier to keep track of those you do. Make three piles: One for belongings to keep, another for donations, and a third for trash. Go through everything in the garage and put each piece into the appropriate pile. 

2. Create Sections 

Once you’ve decided what to keep, organize your items into categories, like gardening equipment, tools and hardware, and hobby supplies. Then, put each group in one designated area. Whenever you buy something new, be sure to file it correctly based on these categories.  

garage storage

3. Utilize Wall Space 

Taking advantage of vertical space is one of the best ways to maximize square footage. While some items, like the lawn mower, may need to be stored on the ground, there are plenty of other items that can be placed on wall hooks, racks, and shelves. You can even use ceiling space to hang bikes and sports equipment. Vertical storage can also make it easier to find what you need in a hurry since everything is displayed in plain sight.

4. Incorporate Moveable Storage 

Unlike the attic or basement, garage storage is usually reserved for frequently-used or outdoor items. That means you’ll need to be able to move things around and take them out. Use moveable storage solutions like baskets and bins, as well as portable cupboards and workbenches that allow you to relocate items with ease. 


3 Benefits of a Custom Design Closet

Opening a messy or disorganized closet can make getting ready or locating items a hassle. With all the piles of shoes, clothing, and accessories scattered on the floor or shoved onto hangers, how can you possibly find what you need? With a custom design closet, this configuration is a thing of the past. You’ll have a streamlined home for all your belongings, resulting in a variety of benefits.  

3 Reasons to Install a Custom Design Closet

Enhance Aesthetics 

A messy closet has a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a room. You can have a beautiful set up of furniture, ambient lighting, and other striking elements, but the second you open up a chaotic closet, the aura of the space is compromised. Your home should be a refuge of relaxation. Introducing a custom design closet helps you get rid of items you no longer need, leaving plenty of space for those you do. 

See What You Own 

custom design closet

How many times have you wasted money buying a new shirt, when you already had two or three similar ones? When you install a custom design closet, everything—clothing, shoes, and accessories—has a place. You won’t have to spend extra time looking for your favorite dress, or the perfect tie, because you know exactly where everything is.

Design Your Dream

There are many different ways to restructure a storage space. Sleek wood finishes, modern metal shelves, a custom shoe rack—when it comes to specific materials and additions, there are a variety of options. This is your chance to design a closet that meets the needs of your day-to-day life.


5 Unique Home Storage Ideas

Maintaining a clutter-free home can be especially challenging if you don’t have adequate home storage space. However, you can employ some creative ideas to keep your home neat and organized. Below, experts share five unique concepts to maximize the storage potential of your home.

5 Creative Ways to Maximize Home Storage

Capitalize on Hollow Wall Space

If you knock on some of your walls, you’ll realize the space between them is hollow and offers amazing storage capacity. Installing built-in wall shelves and alcoves will completely revamp your rooms. 

Repurpose Household Items

Recycling discarded household items doesn’t just reduce waste—it can also provide a place to store your belongings. For example, you can repaint an old wide-step ladder and use the steps as shelves for your tools and garage equipment.

Home Storage

Use Vertical Closet Space

When the shelves and hanging racks of your closet are completely occupied, consider the vertical space. Closet storage options, like clothing organizers and shoe racks, are excellent solutions for clutter.

Utilize Cabinet Sides

In the kitchen, even if your cabinets, drawers, and pantries are full, there are still ways to find more storage space. Simply install a small compartment or rack on the side of your cabinets to get more storage without investing in more furniture. These contraptions provide the perfect place for hanging utensils and towels.

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture Pieces

Smaller square footage can make it challenging for homeowners to find adequate space for their furniture and essential household items. Luckily, multipurpose furniture can provide an efficient solution to this problem. For example, beds with built-in drawers and removable-top ottomans are aesthetically pleasing home storage options.


5 Ways to Boost Home Storage

Renters and homeowners alike may be on the hunt for new ways to better utilize their home storage. While closets and shelving are the foundations of functional space, there are additional ways to store your belongings and keep them out of sight. Below, Get Organized in Rochester, NY, offers five tips to further boost organization after you’ve utilized their custom closet services. 

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Home Storage

1. Label Everything

While boxes and bins are excellent receptacles for your belongings, they’ll be difficult to navigate if not properly labeled. Use a label maker to denote the contents of each home storage container so you can easily locate items.

2. Store in Groups

It doesn’t make sense to keep items of the same category in various places. For example, tennis racquets in your closet and basketballs in the garage should be rounded up and given a solitary home—this way, you know where to look for sporting equipment going forward.

3. Consider Furniture as Storage

home storage

Furniture already takes up space in your home. Why not use these items as storage opportunities? Have a custom storage company supply you with a bed featuring shelving underneath, purchase a bench that opens to reveal cubby space, or use a decorative chest as a functional coffee table.

4. Use Unexpected Spaces

Whether you have a tiny home or a mansion, there are many ways to make use of home storage space that isn’t a closet or shelf. Use unexpected areas for extra storage. Try placing a spice rack on the inside of your cabinet door, for instance, or introduce a tall pull-out drawer in the empty area next to your fridge with the help of an organization service. 

5. Hang Everything

Add vertical storage space to your office and bedroom with the help of pegboard. These organization systems can be adjusted for every room so you can hang clothes, add shelving, or incorporate baskets for smaller items like accessories and toiletries.


4 Helpful Closet Organization Tips to Boost Functionality

4 Helpful Closet Organization Tips to Boost Functionality

It’s easy to close the closet doors on a mess—but you’ll have to face the disorganization next time you go to retrieve something. After getting your closet installed by Get Organized, Rochester, NY’s, premier custom closet builders, there are several closet organizer tips you can enlist to boost the functionality of the space further.

4 Helpful Tips to Get Your Closet Organized

1. Group Items by Category

When you open your closet doors, you should be able to find what you’re looking for quickly. The best way to make this possible is to group items. Place your shoes with one another, sweaters in a specific area and pants in another, for example.

2. Label Everything

closet organization

When it comes to sharing a Closet Organization, there’s a possibility not everyone will be tidy. To simplify your closet organizer system, label each shelf area, such as “boots,” “winter accessories,” and “sports equipment.” This is especially handy if you have a family closet used by those of all ages.

3. Use Photos

Boxes offer an excellent way to store items you don’t use all the time but can make it difficult to know what’s inside. To address this problem use an instant camera or print out photos of the contents of each box. Place the image on the front so you can spot exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Manage Your Accessories

Often it’s the little things that become a mess when tossed into a bin or drawer. You can prevent tricky tangles by inserting dividers into your custom closet drawers to create compartmentalized spaces for jewelry. Scarves, on the other hand, can be hung up on hooks attached to the wall space.  

Closet Organization

Noticestry, LLC


5 Compelling Benefits of Custom Closet Design

5 Compelling Benefits of Custom Closet Design

Over time, a closet design can quickly become a receptacle for random piles of clothes, strewn shoes, and seasonal items. A custom design closet can alleviate this, transforming your space to make it both functional and beautiful. Get Organized in Rochester, NY, has helped thousands of clients recognize the benefits of a closet tailored to their needs.

Below, their expert staff lists a few perks these custom spaces bring: 

closet design
spacious beautiful and modern walk in closet
  • Space Efficiency: Through the use of shelving units, dividers, drawers, and more, a custom closet utilizes every inch of space. This is all achieved without making wardrobes appear cramped.
  • Expert Organization: With a custom design closet, shirts, pants, shoes, belts, socks, hats, and other clothing items have their own designated storage areas. No more having to search for elusive favorites buried in corners. Each space is organized so that users can quickly identify and retrieve what they want.
  • Quality Materials: The use of quality wood, metal, and other materials in custom design closets means long-term durability. Given the amount of use these spaces get each day, superior construction and installation are paramount. 
  • Home Shopper Appeal: Want to convince on-the-fence homebuyers that your house is the one? Opt for a custom design closet—it could be the deciding factor between choosing your listing or forgoing it for another. 
  • Diverse Options: From foyers and walk-ins to wardrobes and reach-ins, customization can transform closets from drab to a variety of appealing configurations. Design options are available to all spaces regardless of size, height, or depth.

5 Closet Storage Hacks to Maximize Space

5 Closet Storage Hacks to Maximize Space

An orderly closet storage will make it easier to keep track of your belongings, reduce clutter, and get the most out of your home’s storage areas. If you’re dealing with a small closet, rest assure there are many closet storage tips to streamline the space. 

Draw inspiration from these five approaches for maximizing your closet: 

Closet Storage
Clothes hung neatly in organized closet at home
  • Toss Unused Clothing: If you’re like most people, you may have some rarely worn clothing items taking up space. One of the easiest ways to improve your closet storage is to get rid of these unnecessary garments. To start, sort through your wardrobe and donate anything that no longer fits or is out of style.
  • Install Shelving Units or Accessories: Introducing storage shelves is an effortless way to boost organization and create more usable closet space. Or, instead of simply piling shoes, bags, or linens along the floor, place these items in a hanging shelf organizer. Purchasing inexpensive dividers for your closet’s upper shelf creates functional and attractive cubby holes. For the best results, consult a professional organizer to design and install custom shelves tailored to your needs.
  • Make Use of Doors: Doors are frequently overlooked closet components that can be optimized for additional storage. For instance, installing a hanging rack on the backside of your closet doors is a fantastic way to ensure footwear is neatly organized and accessible. Or, add hooks to the frame to store handbags, hats, scarves, and belts. Taking advantage of every usable surface area enhances the functionality of a small space.
  • Add Light: If you find yourself constantly having to rummage through your closet to find anything, lighting fixtures will make locating your belongings a breeze. What’s more, illuminating tight storage areas is a quick, effective way to make them appear larger. 
  • Paint It a Lighter ColorA fresh coat of paint can do wonders in opening up a space. Choosing a light, neutral hue makes storage areas feel light, airy, and ample.

Closet Systems: 7 Must-Have Accessories

Closet Systems: 7 Must-Have Accessories

Your closet systems is more than just a place for clothes, shoes, and storage items. It is a private area for getting ready and enjoying a few tranquil moments before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. Dream closet systems are never complete without a few key accessories, all of which contribute to superior organization and ease of use. Review seven must-have accessories to discuss with a closet organizing service.

Craft the perfect system for your space:

Closet Systems
Closet wardrobe private room interior
  • Closet Valet: Use this rod on a closet sidewall to plan your outfit for the next day. It saves considerable time in the morning panicking over what to wear. Closet valets are also extendable and a breeze to store.
  • Fold-Down Ironing Board: Forget about dragging that bulky, cumbersome ironing board out whenever clothes need de-wrinkling. A fold-down ironing board on one side of your closet makes tending to your pieces simple and hassle-free.
  • Laundry Bin: Save room in your bathroom and bedroom by housing a laundry bin inside your closet. Consider using two bins to make sorting clothes easier on laundry day.
  • Hooks: Add several hooks to your closet system for hanging belts, scarves, bags, and other items. Choose from removable plastic hooks or a more permanent metal solution depending on taste.
  • Pull-Out Mirror: Use a pull-out mirror instead of taking up floor or closet door space. These mirrors extend out so you can check your ensemble before leaving for work or an important dinner engagement.
  • Lighting: Installing lights in your closet system makes locating that specific article of clothing less time-consuming. It also adds to the overall ambiance, especially if you have a walk-in closet systems that doubles as a dressing room.
  • Storage: Ensure your design features ample closet storage for seasonal items such as sweaters, swimsuits, and holiday decorations, or anything else you prefer to keep in the space.

Closet Systems

Noticestry, LLC


5 Ways to Use Shelving Units During the Summer

If spring cleaning has morphed into summer reorganizing, there are a variety of ways you can utilize shelving units to maximize your space. Whether you need them for aesthetic or practical purposes, storage shelves offer a bevy of fantastic uses ideal for warm weather. Review the following storage ideas to get more from your units.

Find new and creative ways to store your items:

  • Summer Equipment Storage: Keep your swim masks, snorkels, flippers, and other summer gear must-haves within reach. Use the shelving units to create a quirky display that shows off your adventurous spirit.
  • Vacation Memories: Place your favorite vacation photos on your shelving units along with related knickknacks and keepsakes. A display centered on images from a summertime trip creates an eye-catching focal point. Ticket stubs, wine bottles, postcards, and other trinkets are just some of what you can include. 
  • Winter Gear & Clothing Storage: Use shelving units in bedroom and hall closets to store winter gear and clothing, such as sweaters, ski equipment, hats, gloves, snow boots, scarves, and similar items.
  • Rotating Displays: Experiment with rotating displays by assigning everyone in your household a block of time for when their creation will be on exhibit. It’s an engaging way for family members to show off what they love most about the summer and otherwise encourages imagination. 
  • Sun Protection Storage: Place items vital to sun protection on shelving units near doorways, such as sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. Ensure such items are conveniently within reach so everyone in your house can grab what they need.

3 Benefits of Room Organization: Start the School Year Off Right

3 Benefits of Room Organization: Start the School Year Off Right

An organized home feels better for the adults living in it, but it turns out that children can thrive in an orderly environment, too. Parents and children alike can suffer from distractions when there are piles of paperwork and clutter in their midst. Luckily, there are room organization techniques available to help both parents and children feel at ease. The team from Get Organized has been helping families in and around Rochester, NY, create neat, clutter-free homes for nearly two decades.

Below, the Get Organized pros explain some key benefits of pursuing room organization before the school year starts:

room organization
  • Time & Better Focus For Homework: Instead of spending time searching through drawers and bins for their missing ruler, a glue stick, or any other homework materials they may need, children with organized rooms know exactly where everything is located so they can get started on homework and still have time to play. Likewise, having a neat environment means there will be less room for distraction during studying and homework.
  • A Larger Area For Play: Of course, room organization also creates plenty of space for playtime, which is especially important for kids to have when they begin school again. Get Organized has innovative closet storage options and shelving units to keep all of your children’s belongings in a designated spot.
  • Happy Parents: Seeing a clean room reduces stress for both parents and children. With easy-to-access closet storage, there’s a spot for everything, and parents can encourage their children to become organized from a young age. It’s also safer for everyone when clothing, toys, books, and other belongings are off the ground and put away in their respective spots, and it makes it easier for parents to deliver laundry, vacuum, and spend time with their children.