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Clever Closet Storage Solutions

Clever Closet Storage Solutions

Clever closet storage solutions can make a big difference in organizing your space efficiently. At Get Organized, we offer full service systems to help organize your space and optimize your storage. 

Implementing any combination of the ideas below can significantly increase the efficiency of your closet space, making it easier to find what you need and keep your items in great condition.

  • Vertical Dividers: Use vertical dividers or shelf separators to organize and store items like purses, sweaters, and linens neatly. This prevents them from toppling over and makes them easy to access.

  • Double Hanging Rods: Maximize the vertical space by installing double hanging rods. Place one rod higher for longer items and another below for shorter items like shirts and pants.

  • Door Organizers: Utilize the back of the closet door by adding over-the-door racks or hooks. These are great for storing accessories, shoes, or even small household items.

  • Pull-Out Bins: Install pull-out bins or drawers in the lower sections of your closet. These are excellent for storing shoes and accessories and can be easily accessed.

  • Adjustable Shelving: Use adjustable shelving to change the layout of your closet as your storage needs change. This flexibility allows you to create space for larger items when needed.

  • Hanging Shelves: Add hanging shelves for additional flat storage, perfect for folded clothes. These can hang from the rod and provide extra shelving space without needing structural changes.

  • Cube Storage Units: Cube storage units can be an effective way to organize different items. Each cube can be used for separate categories, such as one for belts, another for socks, etc.

  • Overhead Storage: Install shelves above the highest clothing rod for seldom-used items like out-of-season clothing or luggage.

  • Shoe Organizer: Consider a pull-out shoe organizer or a hanging shoe rack to keep your shoes organized and easily accessible.

  • Accessory Drawers: Small drawers or specialty organizers for jewelry, sunglasses, and other accessories can help keep small items from getting lost.

Closet Organization in Rochester, NY

Organization Tip of the Month

Divide the Space

Desks and storage solutions for offices

By adding additional shelves to a single shelf, or by using containers that stack atop one another, you can divide the vertical space and make efficient use of the area you have to work with. By dividing the space, you eliminate the possibility of stacking tall piles of clothing, papers or other items that are destined to topple over.

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Make kitchen organization easy with smart and efficient shelving systems, drawers or baskets. Don’t waste your time searching for items or replacing them unnecessarily. Store them effectively and save money, all while eliminating clutter. Our pantry solutions are custom designed to provide you with unique and innovative solutions for you and your family.
Pantry Storage Solutions at Get Organized in Rochester, NY


Reclaim space in your home, whether you need more storage for tools, holiday decorations, or sports equipment; want to build a game room, home gym, or the ultimate man-cave – our garage systems can make the best use of your space in style.
Garage Organizational Systems

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Home organization in Rochester, NY

Spring Organization

We make your life easier by allowing you to stay organized.

Summer is a time for relaxation and catching up on your favorite TV shows, but it can also be the perfect opportunity to fast-track an organization project or two. If you’re looking to get more organized this summer check out our customized solutions! We’ll make sure that not one thing will slip through the cracks as we help keep things running smoothly all season long.


Don’t know where to start?

We get it… Organizing can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to feel like a chore with help from our team! We will work around your schedule and budget to ensure that you get the best possible organizational services for all of your space. From walk-in closets to home office space, we’ve got the solution for you!


Some of Our Recent Projects

See what we’ve been up to recently! All the storage you need, in a beautiful and functional space that’s designed to last.

Maximize Vertical Space

Happy July!

Summer is officially in full swing, which means you’re likely busy with holidays, trips and boat loads of summer activities. It’s no secret that the busier life gets, the messier and less organized things become. But no need to worry! Our systems are here to help tackle any space – big or small.

Organization Tip of the Month

Maximize Vertical Space

If you don’t have a ton of room to work with, an easy way to instantly create more space is to go “up.” Instead of only using a few shelves in your space, take them up to the ceiling to really maximize vertical space. The things you use less frequently can be stored on the higher shelves.




Some of Our Systems


Reclaim space in your home, whether you need more storage for tools, holiday decorations, or sports equipment. Do you want to build a game room, home gym, or the ultimate man-cave? Our garage systems can make the best use of your space in style.







A laundry room should be functional and organized, to make your chores as easy as possible. We can help you create a design to match your space, lifestyle and home decor. Your laundry routine will be undoubtedly streamlined and efficient.








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File, Don’t Pile

Hello, August!

August is here which means summer is wrapping up soon. If you’re trying to get one last project in before the season ends, now is the time to start! Some of the most popular summer home improvement projects include cleaning and reorganizing. What’s on your list for this month?

Organization Tip of the Month

File, Don’t Pile

Paperwork is always better filed. Piles are complicated to sort through and the papers towards the bottom are easily forgotten about. A simple file drawer or a folder can help solve this problem and keep your space clutter free!


Some of Our Systems

Mud Rooms

Design a beautiful and functional mudroom that helps keep the rest of the house clean – while still being inviting! From shoe racks to storage benches, we offer a range of entry storage solutions.

Adjustable installation

Home Organization 

With expert measurements, modern innovation, and professional installation we can make any space both beautiful and practical. We can design drawers, drawer dividers, shelves, central workspaces, wall systems, and more.


Decluttering Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming

Welcome to a world of organization! We are committed to helping create the best storage solutions to help both residential and commercial clients get the most out of their spaces. We are excited to have you here with us!

Organization Tip of the Month

Decluttering Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming

Decluttering can really help with organization, but it’s a daunting task that a lot of people often put off. Just because you choose to declutter, doesn’t mean you have to tackle your whole home at once. For instance, don’t try to do your whole closet in one sitting. Start with one drawer or shelf at a time. Put on some music and make it fun!




Some of Our Systems


With a place for everything and everything in its place, transform your closet into a beautiful and functional space that’s designed to last. Add value & comfort to your home with closets made just for you and yours.







Make kitchen organization easy with smart and efficient shelving systems, drawers or baskets. Don’t waste your time searching for items or replacing them unnecessarily. Store them effectively and save money, all while eliminating clutter.

Pantry organization




3 Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

A kitchen pantry can be a lifesaver, but it can also welcome chaos and clutter. Implementing an organized layout will make it easy to find what you need and use the space efficiently. From properly arranging the storage shelves to using the right containers, here’s what to do to make your life easier.

What’s the Best Way to Organize a Pantry?

1. Arrange by Type

It can be difficult to locate specific ingredients and snacks when they’re on the shelves without any particular intention. Arranging everything by type is an easy way to make sense of your items so you can find them quickly.

Put cereal boxes in a row, for example, and canned goods in their own corner. You can further break these down by arranging according to flavors. Put snacks on their own storage shelves, away from food prep items.

Rochester, NY storage shelves

2. Use Containers

For smaller items, like bags of chips and cookies, use clear storage bins so that family members can simply reach in and grab what they need.

If you have many loose ingredients, including flour, oats, and rice, pour them into glass jars and label each one clearly. Make sure all labels face outward so you can easily identify each.

3. Label the Storage Shelves

Think of your pantry as a personal shop. Make it easier to navigate by creating labels for each shelf and section.

This way, you commit to placing items in their rightful places, and all family members will know where foods belong. Be specific with the tags. You can dedicate a section to spices and another for condiments, for example.


3 Tips for Organizing Your Attic

3 Tips for Organizing Your Attic: The attic is a common place for home storage. Everything you don’t use but still want to keep may end up in this space, which is why it may become cluttered over time. Since this room is frequently out of sight, it may be tempting to leave it messy, but organization will create more space and prevent belongings from getting lost or damaged. Below are some ideas for efficiently arranging your attic.

3 Steps for Organizing an Attic

1. Remove Everything First

It might seem like a daunting task, but the first step to organizing any space is taking everything out. You can then assess what you have and decide what to keep. In their attics, many people have belongings they don’t use, including old sports equipment and furniture. Decide what you will still utilize or what holds sentimental value. All other items should be discarded, sold, or donated to free up space.

2. Repair Damage & Add Storage Accessories

Organizing Your Attic

Before you put everything back, it’s best to fix up any damaged areas and clean up the space to make it safe for home storage. This will also help prevent pest infestations. Have damaged floorboards, walls, and insulation repaired, then ensure you have sufficient lighting. If you’re storing clothes in this space, buy a clothing rack to keep pieces neat. If the walls have studs, shelving is also very useful for organized home storage.

3. Place Everything in Containers

Now that you’re left with only wanted belongings and an efficient space, set up the area so you can find everything again in the future. You can do this by separating possessions into categories like sports gear, holiday decor, clothing, and family heirlooms. Next, pack everything into suitable containers. Use clear tubs for easy identification, and airtight bins for paperwork, electronics, and other materials that need to be protected from moisture and dust. Finally, label all the bins.

Organizing Your Attic

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3 Unexpected Benefits of Removing Home Clutter

A clean home makes it easier to stay healthy, find your belongings, and feel proud and confident about your space. There are many other ways tidying up and improving your home storage benefits you. Several studies have shown that organization affects some surprising aspects of the human brain. To help you make the most of your space, here are a few reasons decluttering may change your life. 

Reasons to Removing Home Clutter

1. Your Mood Will Improve

You may not have even realized it, but clutter brings you down. Every time you see a mess your brain knows shouldn’t be there, your subconscious thinks your life isn’t organized. This is why a cluttered house has been proven to increase stress, which plays a direct role in your overall mood. When your space is clean and your home storage system efficient, you feel better mentally.

If you live with other people, keeping clean and tidy will also help cut back on household tensions. People will be able to find what they need at the right time. This will make mornings when everyone is trying to leave to work or school a little less stressful.

2. You’ll Sleep Better

Home Storage

A cluttered space can impact how well you sleep. Lying in bed thinking about the mess or worrying about the laundry you didn’t do can lead you to lose some sleep. Poor sleep quality makes you tired the next day and less likely to clean, creating an unhealthy cycle. Organized spaces are sights for sore eyes, and you’ll go to bed feeling proud of yourself and comfortable in your room.

3. Your Creativity Will Bloom

It’s hard to focus when your brain is dealing with several stimuli at once, which will stunt creativity. Whether you’re working on a pivotal chapter in your future bestseller or choosing the perfect color scheme for your latest painting, a messy space can steal your attention. Research by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute has shown that an organized space makes you more productive, less irritable, and less distracted, freeing up your mind and opening the gateway to creativity. 

Removing Home Clutter

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3 Ways Home Organization Improves Your Mental Health

More efficient home storage offers numerous benefits. Along with ensuring your belongings are easy to access when you need them, improved organization in the home will also have a positive impact on your mental wellness. If you still need reasons to reduce clutter around your space, here are a few reasons why staying organized and clean will benefit you.

How Does a Clean, Home Organization Benefit Me?

1. Reduces Stress

Looking at a disorganized home is bound to make your blood pressure rise. When a space is cluttered, it’s natural to feel a pressing, urgent need to clean. It can also be aggravating when you’re in search of something you can’t seem to find in the mess. Proper home storage reduces stress by keeping belongings out of the way and helping you find everything you need.

2. Boosts Energy

A cluttered home can also take a toll on your energy levels. You may feel drained even thinking about the prospect of reorganizing your space or looking for certain belongings. WebMD even recommends reorganizing your desk and making it easier to navigate to boost your energy levels. 

Home Organization
Woman Reaching for Shelf

3. Improves Your Relationships

Many couples and roommates fight over disorganized spaces. Maybe your spouse is constantly on the hunt for clean socks, or you can’t seem to find clean kitchen utensils because objects in your house don’t have a proper place to live. By clearing up home storage issues and keeping everything in its place, you’ll find common squabbles decreasing between you and your housemates. 


3 Simple Steps for Optimal Garage Organization

Although they are typically designed to house cars, garages can become storage spaces for homeowners. However, to truly reap the benefits of this extra space, you need to keep it clean and tidy. This will ensure you always know where your possessions are and don’t attract pests into your home. To help you make your property neater, here are some simple garage organization tips for getting rid of clutter and maximizing space. 

How to Effectively Organize Your Garage

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter

After years of accumulation, you likely have quite a few belongings in your garage that you had forgotten about or no longer need. Rather than moving these items around and letting them continue to take up valuable space, donate or dispose of them. Go through the entire space and categorize items as objects you want to keep, what to throw away, and what to give to friends, family, or a donation center.

2. Label Storage Containers

garage organization

Once you’re down to the bare bones of your belongings, focus on organizing what you’re keeping into specific categories. This may include seasonal clothing, recreational gear, garden equipment, and nostalgic keepsakes. Labeling their containers will make it easier to find what you’re looking for in the future and make your garage look and feel neater. 

3. Use Shelving Systems

Once you have categorized your possessions, it’s time to put everything away. The key to garage organization is to ensure every item has a home, so visit your local hardware store to pick up shelving units. Measure your space and boxes beforehand to ensure everything will fit properly. You can organize your shelves by purpose, placing boxes you’ll need regular access to below and keepsake items you don’t need on the upper areas.

Closet Storage

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