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5 Ways to Boost Home Storage

Renters and homeowners alike may be on the hunt for new ways to better utilize their home storage. While closets and shelving are the foundations of functional space, there are additional ways to store your belongings and keep them out of sight. Below, Get Organized in Rochester, NY, offers five tips to further boost organization after you’ve utilized their custom closet services. 

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Home Storage

1. Label Everything

While boxes and bins are excellent receptacles for your belongings, they’ll be difficult to navigate if not properly labeled. Use a label maker to denote the contents of each home storage container so you can easily locate items.

2. Store in Groups

It doesn’t make sense to keep items of the same category in various places. For example, tennis racquets in your closet and basketballs in the garage should be rounded up and given a solitary home—this way, you know where to look for sporting equipment going forward.

3. Consider Furniture as Storage

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Furniture already takes up space in your home. Why not use these items as storage opportunities? Have a custom storage company supply you with a bed featuring shelving underneath, purchase a bench that opens to reveal cubby space, or use a decorative chest as a functional coffee table.

4. Use Unexpected Spaces

Whether you have a tiny home or a mansion, there are many ways to make use of home storage space that isn’t a closet or shelf. Use unexpected areas for extra storage. Try placing a spice rack on the inside of your cabinet door, for instance, or introduce a tall pull-out drawer in the empty area next to your fridge with the help of an organization service. 

5. Hang Everything

Add vertical storage space to your office and bedroom with the help of pegboard. These organization systems can be adjusted for every room so you can hang clothes, add shelving, or incorporate baskets for smaller items like accessories and toiletries.