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5 Hacks for Organizing Your Child’s Closet

Kids can accumulate many clothing pieces that they find interesting in stores, are gifted by family, or they’ve outgrown but still want to keep. Once you’ve installed a custom closet for your child’s room, you’ll need a way to keep it organized to maximize the space. To help your little one find all they need, here are a few ways to arrange the closet for maximum neatness and efficiency.

How to Organize a Child’s Custom Closet

1. Arrange by Season

Organizing by season is one way to keep piles of clothing tidy and items easily accessible. In the summer, choose top shelves for sweaters and winter gear and lower shelves for the T-shirts and shorts your child will use often. At the end of the season, switch this placement. If you’ve designed two hanging areas, keep cool weather clothes on one side and warm weather outfits on the other.

2. Add a Door Organizer

Hanging door organizers that have pockets can further increase the use of the closet space. Special occasion or seasonal shoes can be stored here, or you can use the floating shelves for art supplies, socks, or smaller toys.

3. Color Coordinate

Stacking clothing by color keeps the space visually organized. This will also help your child quickly locate items they want. When you do the laundry, color-coding makes putting away clothes an easy chore for them as well.

4. Use Clear Storage Boxes

Clear plastic storage tubs can be used to store seasonal costumes, toys, craft and school supplies, and keepsake items. To help you stay organized and remember what’s in each container, clearly label each. Using clear storage allows you to see your belongings at a glance and makes it easier for the child to put possessions away themselves.

5. Store Pieces That Don’t Fit

Children grow quickly, and may have a few items in their closet that don’t fit them anymore. You may also have hand-me-down or gifted clothing waiting to be grown into. Keep these garments in separate, labeled bins to avoid excess clutter until you can stop by a donation center or your little one can wear them.