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4 Pet-Friendly Mudroom Tips

The small rooms in the front or back of a home, known as mudrooms, are more than a convenient place to take off shoes and coats—they also provide excellent spaces for pet bowls, leashes, toys, beds, and litter boxes so these items do not take up room in other parts of the house. Whether you have one dog or several felines and canines, use these tips and storage ideas to create a pet-friendly mudroom space.

Top 4 Tips for a Dog & Cat-Friendly Mudroom

1. Install Durable Flooring

Replace your current flooring if necessary with a durable, easy-to-clean option such as cork, bamboo, or rubber. All of these floors stand up to frequent foot traffic and are easy for pets to walk on because they are slip-resistant. Dogs are especially hesitant to walk on slippery flooring, such as linoleum. Additionally, these flooring options resist rather than absorb liquids to keep your mudroom smelling fresh.

2. Get Creative With Hooks & Hanging Baskets

storage ideas

Use hooks and hanging baskets to save floor space and keep items such as leashes and toys well organized. Hanging baskets are a particularly attractive storage idea for housing pet food as well as toys and other supplies. Keeping pet food off the ground helps prevent mice and insect infestations.

3. Use Storage Space Wisely

Install or make use of current mudroom storage spaces. Use bigger cabinets lining the floors as dog and cat kennels to save space and give your pets somewhere cozy to curl up. Or, use one of the lower cabinets for a litter box. Cut out part of the door to make a flap for easy feline entries and exits; and place a plastic tray filled with litter for them to use the restroom. 

4. Add a Grass Food Tray

Provide your pets with grass food trays so they can enjoy a touch of nature while they eat. And since cats and dogs both eat grass occasionally to settle their stomachs, trays with wheat grass provide a digestive aid.