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4 Helpful Closet Organization Tips to Boost Functionality

August 21, 2017

4 Helpful Closet Organization Tips to Boost Functionality

4 Helpful Closet Organization Tips to Boost Functionality

It’s easy to close the closet doors on a mess—but you’ll have to face the disorganization next time you go to retrieve something. After getting your closet installed by Get Organized, Rochester, NY’s, premier custom closet builders, there are several closet organizer tips you can enlist to boost the functionality of the space further.

4 Helpful Tips to Get Your Closet Organized

1. Group Items by Category

When you open your closet doors, you should be able to find what you’re looking for quickly. The best way to make this possible is to group items. Place your shoes with one another, sweaters in a specific area and pants in another, for example.

2. Label Everything

closet organization

When it comes to sharing a Closet Organization, there’s a possibility not everyone will be tidy. To simplify your closet organizer system, label each shelf area, such as “boots,” “winter accessories,” and “sports equipment.” This is especially handy if you have a family closet used by those of all ages.

3. Use Photos

Boxes offer an excellent way to store items you don’t use all the time but can make it difficult to know what’s inside. To address this problem use an instant camera or print out photos of the contents of each box. Place the image on the front so you can spot exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Manage Your Accessories

Often it’s the little things that become a mess when tossed into a bin or drawer. You can prevent tricky tangles by inserting dividers into your custom closet drawers to create compartmentalized spaces for jewelry. Scarves, on the other hand, can be hung up on hooks attached to the wall space.  

Closet Organization

Noticestry, LLC

If organizing your home becomes overwhelming, turn to the experts. With over 30 years of experience, Get Organized will help you eliminate clutter and reduce the stress caused by messy spaces. Serving Rochester, NY, and all surrounding counties, they also carry unique storage solutions to make staying tidy easy. Call (585) 223-3646 to schedule an appointment 

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