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3 Signs Your Home Is Too Messy

Clutter has more of an impact on your mental health than you may realize. A disorganized home overwhelms the senses, which can leave you feeling constantly stressed. Without a neat closet system, the mess could even make you ashamed of the state of your house. To help you prevent these issues, here are a few of the first signs that you may benefit from some home organization.

When to De-Clutter & Organize Your Home

1. You Can’t Find Clothes


If you’ve ever spent minutes searching for a particular item and couldn’t find it, you’re not alone. The closet is usually the first to get disorganized, since it’s easy to throw pieces in and close the door to leave them out of sight.

Installing exposed closet systems and putting each item in its place will help you find what you need when you need it.  

2. You Have to Watch Your Step

When you walk through your home, you should be able to do so without tripping over shoes or toys. Each item should have its place, and should be put back into that spot as soon as it’s not in use.

Use closet organizers and label bins that aren’t transparent so it’s clear where objects go. Putting shoes or other items you use daily in a closet by the door, rather than the bedroom, will also make putting belongings away more convenient.

3. You Own Clothing You Don’t Wear

When an item is in a pile in the corner of the bedroom or in the back of your closet, you may unknowingly keep it for years. However, there’s no need to hang onto belongings that you won’t be needing again.

A helpful rule of thumb is to toss out anything that you haven’t worn in the past year. At this point, the item is simply taking up space in your closet and your life. You can also donate it to charities or sell it online to put it to good use.

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