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3 Simple Steps for Optimal Garage Organization

Although they are typically designed to house cars, garages can become storage spaces for homeowners. However, to truly reap the benefits of this extra space, you need to keep it clean and tidy. This will ensure you always know where your possessions are and don’t attract pests into your home. To help you make your property neater, here are some simple garage organization tips for getting rid of clutter and maximizing space. 

How to Effectively Organize Your Garage

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter

After years of accumulation, you likely have quite a few belongings in your garage that you had forgotten about or no longer need. Rather than moving these items around and letting them continue to take up valuable space, donate or dispose of them. Go through the entire space and categorize items as objects you want to keep, what to throw away, and what to give to friends, family, or a donation center.

2. Label Storage Containers

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Once you’re down to the bare bones of your belongings, focus on organizing what you’re keeping into specific categories. This may include seasonal clothing, recreational gear, garden equipment, and nostalgic keepsakes. Labeling their containers will make it easier to find what you’re looking for in the future and make your garage look and feel neater. 

3. Use Shelving Systems

Once you have categorized your possessions, it’s time to put everything away. The key to garage organization is to ensure every item has a home, so visit your local hardware store to pick up shelving units. Measure your space and boxes beforehand to ensure everything will fit properly. You can organize your shelves by purpose, placing boxes you’ll need regular access to below and keepsake items you don’t need on the upper areas.

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