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How Custom Organization Will Complete Your Finished Basement

Finishing your basement will add usable space to your home and increase your property value. With the addition of some stylish room organization and decor, your remodeled basement just might become one of your favorite parts of the house. The following ideas will help you create beautiful and pleasant rooms in this livable area of your home.

A Guide to Finished Basements & Room Custom Organization

Laundry Room

With a finished basement, your laundry room doesn’t need to be cold, damp, and dark anymore. When remodeling your basement, plan to position your appliances for easy transfer from one machine to the other. Built-in open-faced cabinets will help you keep the space neat by storing detergent, fabric softener, and other supplies out of sight. Add clothing racks and a countertop near your washer and dryer to make hanging and folding clothes more convenient.

Home Office

If you have the option of working from home, creating a designated office space will help you be more productive. The basement is especially idea, since it’s relatively insulated from all the activity in the rest of the house. Streamline your work area by installing storage shelves for your files and office supplies, and label everything clearly so you can find what you need at a glance. For unsightly cords, use Velcro straps or protectors to keep them out of the way and free from tangles.

Recreation Area

Custom Organization

Use your remodeled basement as a getaway for hobbies and entertainment by turning it into a game room or arts and crafts studio, or take advantage of the relative darkness and soundproofing to create a home theater. Wall shelving units are a tidy way to store games, toys, puzzles, and remote controls. In a creative studio space, having ample closet storage and room organization for your arts and crafts materials means you’ll be able to find what you need when inspiration strikes.

Guest Suite

If you often have visitors staying with you, consider creating a basement guest suite to give them their own personal space. To welcome your guests, display towels, washcloths, and spare blankets in a decorative bin or basket. Closet organizers and drawer dividers will invite your visitors to unpack and make themselves at home. Help your guests keep their space neat by providing a laundry hamper and waste basket.

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