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3 Storage Ideas to Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

When readying your home for the market, you’ll want to clean, fix issues, and make affordable upgrades that will draw prospective buyers. Installing organization features will help maximize the available space and provide clearer storage ideas for potential buyers, so they’ll be able to envision themselves in your home. Below are the best and simplest ways you can customize the main storage points in your property. 

3 Organization & Storage Ideas to Try Before Selling Your Home

1. Pantry Shelving & Racks

Having a pantry organization system in place will make your home much more attractive to buyers who want ample kitchen storage. Roll-out shelving units are perfect for deep cabinets, as they make it easy to see and reach all contents. Door racks also provide extra space and make oft-needed items easily accessible. If you have an empty wall, consider adding hanging racks where snacks and treats can be kept. 

2. Utilize Closet Space

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When working with a tighter closet space, a standard horizontal pole will help you organize your clothes. Don’t neglect the floor, however. Add a small dresser to easily organize belts, scarves, hats, and jewelry. Use the remaining space to install shoe racks. If there’s space above the clothing bar, mount a shelf. If you’re able to remodel, try installing a walk-in closet — a major plus for buyers. Keep it organized with built-in shoe racks, rods for clothing, and cubby holes for purses and pull-out bins for keeping accessories. Lift-lid benches or those with storage baskets underneath are also handy for holding out-of-season clothing or lesser-used items. 

3. Add Garage Storage

When the house starts to feel overrun with belongings, the garage is often the first place homeowners will go to make extra room. Add a tall shelving unit along one wall to keep boxes and bins off the floor. A pegboard is also an effective tool for storing tools or adding baskets to hold extra equipment. A basic cabinet installation with drawers is also a way to put your garage and home ahead of other properties. 

Closet Storage

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