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3 Benefits of a Custom Design Closet

Opening a messy or disorganized closet can make getting ready or locating items a hassle. With all the piles of shoes, clothing, and accessories scattered on the floor or shoved onto hangers, how can you possibly find what you need? With a custom design closet, this configuration is a thing of the past. You’ll have a streamlined home for all your belongings, resulting in a variety of benefits.  

3 Reasons to Install a Custom Design Closet

Enhance Aesthetics 

A messy closet has a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a room. You can have a beautiful set up of furniture, ambient lighting, and other striking elements, but the second you open up a chaotic closet, the aura of the space is compromised. Your home should be a refuge of relaxation. Introducing a custom design closet helps you get rid of items you no longer need, leaving plenty of space for those you do. 

See What You Own 

custom design closet

How many times have you wasted money buying a new shirt, when you already had two or three similar ones? When you install a custom design closet, everything—clothing, shoes, and accessories—has a place. You won’t have to spend extra time looking for your favorite dress, or the perfect tie, because you know exactly where everything is.

Design Your Dream

There are many different ways to restructure a storage space. Sleek wood finishes, modern metal shelves, a custom shoe rack—when it comes to specific materials and additions, there are a variety of options. This is your chance to design a closet that meets the needs of your day-to-day life.


5 Unique Home Storage Ideas

Maintaining a clutter-free home can be especially challenging if you don’t have adequate home storage space. However, you can employ some creative ideas to keep your home neat and organized. Below, experts share five unique concepts to maximize the storage potential of your home.

5 Creative Ways to Maximize Home Storage

Capitalize on Hollow Wall Space

If you knock on some of your walls, you’ll realize the space between them is hollow and offers amazing storage capacity. Installing built-in wall shelves and alcoves will completely revamp your rooms. 

Repurpose Household Items

Recycling discarded household items doesn’t just reduce waste—it can also provide a place to store your belongings. For example, you can repaint an old wide-step ladder and use the steps as shelves for your tools and garage equipment.

Home Storage

Use Vertical Closet Space

When the shelves and hanging racks of your closet are completely occupied, consider the vertical space. Closet storage options, like clothing organizers and shoe racks, are excellent solutions for clutter.

Utilize Cabinet Sides

In the kitchen, even if your cabinets, drawers, and pantries are full, there are still ways to find more storage space. Simply install a small compartment or rack on the side of your cabinets to get more storage without investing in more furniture. These contraptions provide the perfect place for hanging utensils and towels.

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture Pieces

Smaller square footage can make it challenging for homeowners to find adequate space for their furniture and essential household items. Luckily, multipurpose furniture can provide an efficient solution to this problem. For example, beds with built-in drawers and removable-top ottomans are aesthetically pleasing home storage options.