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Garage Storage Advice: Sorting Tips to Keep Organized

It can be intimidating to look at your overwhelmingly cluttered garage and feel like organization is hopeless. However, the sorting and organizing process doesn’t have to be excruciating. The experts at Get Organized offer custom garage storage services guaranteed to transform this often-messy area of the home into a place you can work and enjoy. 

Check out a few Garage Storage tips to get you started:

  • Two-Year Rule: One of the best home storage tips is to follow the two-year rule. If you haven’t used a particular item in two years or more, give it away to friends or donate it to charity. It also helps to think, “Will someone else enjoy this more than I will?” If the answer is yes, add it to your “give away” pile.
  • Shelving: Discuss garage storage shelving options with the Get Organized team. The more items are off the floor, the better. Ensure everything you use regularly is easily accessible, preferably at eye level or lower. Seasonal items can rest on higher shelves, and clear containers are ideal so you’ll actually know what’s in them.
  • Tool Wall: Many use their garages as work stations, so rather than having tools strewn about, talk to the Get Organized crew about installing boards for easily hanging assorted items. The team can even help you design an entirely new, much more storage-efficient work area.

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